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Ottó Vincze

!Warning — High Voltage!

19 June – 15 September 2019 | Internal Courtyard (The exhibition is temporarily unavailable.)

Anikó B. Nagy

Photos: Judit Szalatnyai

From 2015 onwards Kiscell Museum – Municipal Gallery considers it a major principle of its exhibition strategy to willfully reflect upon the museum as a specific space and medium when presenting contemporary art.

This work by Ottó Vincze, an artist taking up residence in Szentendre, creates a cross-referential contexture from the special linguistic registers of the operation of the museum as a specialized institution and the technical terms of energetics, meanwhile evokes the network of overhead high voltage transmission lines crisscrossing the country – calling attention to the dangers of the clutter of uninsulated cables decimating the bird population.

Installations by the artist combining several media are usually site-specific, closely tied to the thoughts and associations suggested by their environment.

His outdoor piece here designed for the Baroque courtyard of the Kiscell Museum – Municipal Gallery establishes connection between the series of aerial markers — red plastic balls hanging as visual signals on the wires arching between the roofs of the church and the monastery – and the trompe l’oeil image clinging to the architecture, depicting a steel utility pole standing in a grassy courtyard which seems to intrude into the space of the church – as if it were a new sculpture of our courtyard ensemble.

This spectacular and easily readable installation uses an informal tone to popularize the complex ideas of the museum scene and of environment protection – both shown encompassed by high voltage transmission lines.

The fellows at Mályi Bird Rescue Station and Hungarian Ornithological Society join us in the media representation of this installation as well as in the public relations events.

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