Szerkesztő: Vincze Dóra

Szerkesztette 2015-ig: Fitz Péter

Fotók: Bakos Ágnes, Tihanyi Bence, továbbá ismeretlen szerzők

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Research opportunities

Research may be carried out in the collections of our museum according to the following:

If you wish to carry out research in the painting, graphic art, sculpture, engraving or medal collection, please send a letter to, indicating the subject matter of the research, then settle a suitable time either by email or over the phone.

Following the above, please download the research sheet, fill it in and print it, and bring it along at the arranged time. If you should not have the opportunity to do so, we can provide you with the necessary documents on the spot.

Research is free of charge.

Our collections and the contacts of our custodians:

Painting Collection: Eszter Molnárné Aczél, and Lívia Paldi,
Graphic Art Collection: Mária Árvai Zsemberyné,
Sculpture Collection: Péter Köblös,
Engraving Collection: B. Nagy Anikó, 
Medal Collection: Péter Köblös,
Collection Manager: Péter Köblös,